Dr. Susan Blackmore provides a splendid primer on memetics here. This will give you background to understand the concepts I am about to propound.

Let the truth flash like lightning.

Memes are in constant competition to take root, much like seeds landing on fertile soil. The soil is called the belief space. A basic meme such as “God love you” can take root and quickly develop co-memes. Picture a spore sprouting rhizoids, tiny rootlets, that can intermesh like threads in a brain. As more co-memes are added—a church meme, bible meme, heaven and hell meme, sin meme, Holy Ghost meme, and on and on—the memetic hook gets more and more complicated and eventually grows into a tumor-like memeplex. The memeplex can become so powerful that if takes over the neural apparatus of the host and a membot emerges. Priests, brainwashed soldiers, Mary Kay Cosmetics salespersons and gung-ho corporate execs are good examples. Whenever the host’s entire life is dedicated to the spread of the meme— which by now is called a memeplex (ideology)—you have a membot. It can get so extreme that the host will sacrifice his/er life and die for the memeplex, in which case you have a memboid: suicide bombers in the Middle East, kamikaze pilots in WWII.

There are countless memes in the meme pool and competition is fierce. At the memeplex level, human life is insignificant. Memeplexes must replicate (make copies) or become extinct. The history of civilization has known thousands of religions but only a few have survived.

Consider this: with all the crimes and atrocities that humans have performed and are capable of, the first commandment handed down to Moses from God is, “Don’t worship other memeplexes.”

The best, safest and most reliable way for memeplexes to copy is vertically—older generation to younger, father to son. A large, extended, tight-knit family with a stern patriarch is the most efficient and accurate method of meme replication. The transmission of the memeplex is almost certain, especially if outside influence can be avoided—as we see in parochial schools.

Gays are a special case. From the meme’s point of view homosexuals are a dead-end because they don’t reproduce. Gays are more useful as a scapegoat in support of an “us and them” meme that is a co-meme in all religions. I’m not suggesting that memes plan or scheme; memes are just information. I’m saying that natural selection has favored memes that persecute and condemn homosexuals.

I hope my theory is relieving and unburdening for gays to contemplate. As if the gay method of love making were abominable to God, but straight, vaginal, baby making is absolved and blessed in an overpopulated world. With all the contributions that gays have bestowed to humanity, it makes no sense that they should be the victims of intolerance.

We have to understand we are at the mercy of our genes and memes. Humanity is a peculiar ape infected by memeplexes. As I’ve written before, we have to accomplish a revolutionary leap in our understanding of the human condition or competing memeplexes will lead to our species to extinction.

More on the subject in Mirror Reversal including a Memetic Glossary.
Website is mirrorreversal.com

As always, comments welcome.

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Comment by Rich Goss on April 13, 2009 at 12:05am
Gee, Parallax, my apologies. I was trying to think of good examples of membots. It was a bad example because a lot of salespeople are part-timers. It's only the hard core fanatics that fit the description.

IMHO, you shouldn't have told them your beliefs (lack of). Membots tend to have a strong "us and them" meme, and they can easily label you an outsider.

How about telling your boss, you went to sleep last night and you dreamed you met the Angel Gabriel in a discoteque and you're born again? Do a little dance so they believe ya.
Comment by Parallax on April 12, 2009 at 10:41pm
Btw, not one MK sales person would sacrifice their family for the business...that's just silly!
Comment by Parallax on April 12, 2009 at 10:39pm
I sell Mary Kay and now I'm contemplating going down to my local Mall at the busiest part of the day and blow Mineral Bronzing Powder everywhere!!!

I also want to say that I'm a MK sales person AND an Atheist. I really don't care that I'm working for a Christian Company, just like I don't care that many very fundy Christians work for me at the Medical Clinic I manage. They annoy me with how vocal they are, since I am not about my Atheism, because why bring up a lack of belief all the time? But when they ask, I'm frank with them.
Comment by Jim DePaulo on April 12, 2009 at 4:58pm
The fundis will never accept the reality that homosexuality is NOT a choice but rather part of the human genetic heritage. To admit that would mean that god allowed it. (or that the devil had more power than the chief spook)
Comment by Rich Goss on April 12, 2009 at 10:24am
Your comments certainly are. Thanks for posting such a discursive yet informative and fun comment.

Soldiers that are more tightly bonded in their military units may fight more aggressively, and be more likely to win battles, to save the men who they have bonded with. Same sex sexuality may have roles in improved team behavior.

By strange coincidence I was just mentioning the Spartan homoioi (equals) who are a perfect example of the above. They were about the toughest group I ever came across; I believe they’d even kick the crap out of the Wehrmacht’s top SS fighters—taking away the latter’s Tigers and machine guns, of course.

To return to the subject, I hope some young gay kids read my essay and get a different slant on things. The idea that God approves of straight sex but not gay is ludicrous. I would think, if God cared about humanity’s permanency on the planet, that it would be the other way around, considering the horror of overpopulation.

How about these nasty Christian camps or retreats that are supposed to “cure” homosexuality? If I were gay, I’d be pissed off at the mere suggestion. For one thing it’s impossible to “get straight” by brainwashing and mind control, and also it’s such a hypocritical stance. How about the woman in Arkansas that just gave birth to #18. I think she’s the one who needs a little rehab.

We all look at the world in different ways, that’s for sure.
Comment by Daniel W on April 11, 2009 at 8:28pm
I would have to think about this. I'm enjoying the development of a meme paradigm, as a framework for thought processes about how ideas and culture evolve and are transmitted.

Richard, a bit of the 3rd paragraph reads like Dr. Suess or Louis Carrol (Beware the jabberwok). Im not saying that's bad - it's actually a lot of fun to read. Just that the neologisms have a rhythm that makes me smile.

As for the survival of the antigay meme (homophobomeme?), I imagine that it faces the same selective pressure as any other meme. I disagree that homosexual desire by definition prevents or reduces propagation of a species, although exclusively homosexual desire reduces the liklihood of propagation of an individual, especially in our modern society of family units based on paired adults with do not live in extended family units. There are examples of social species that have nonreproductive individuals (bees, termites, ants... I think that there is a mammal as well), and there are lots of people who have same sex attraction but still historically reproduce. Exclusively same-sex bonding may be a largely modern concept, and no one knows whether same-sex attraction in earlier societies and pre-society evolution may have expressed itself differently. Hypothetically, male same sex attraction could be a variation of male bonding, which in earlier societies could have improved social cohesiveness and bonding in a premilitary or military setting. Soldiers that are more tightly bonded in their military units may fight more aggressively, and be more likely to win battles, to save the men who they have bonded with. Same sex sexuality may have roles in improved team behavior. For women, forming into groups with high degrees of bonding could also improve survival and propagation.

In an early society, prohibiton of same-sex bonding, that promotes small cohesive units, might have been necessary to transfer loyalty to the priest or king class. If there were strong same-sex desires, then it would take severe punishment of same sex sexuality to eradicate such behavior. If same sex desire was not strong, then it would not take such severe punishment to eradicate it.

Same sex attraction in the modern word would have a different environment, and therefore a different effect, than in the ancient world. In some workplace settings, productive gays can be left holding the bag, when their co-workers leave to take care of their kids, insist on all holidays off, can't work late, and and are less flexible about working evenings and weekends. By not having kids, the gay coworker supports the corporate culture as a whole by filling in for people who do. I realize this would have a zillion exceptions and is not meant to be a generalization, but rather an example of how people who have bonded with their own sex may support reproduction of the species as a whole.

As to the evolution and propagation of the antigay meme, I agree with you that the bigot meme (bigomeme?) in general can lead to social cohesiveness and thereby propagate itself. In the same way, a racist meme can survive and propagate only as long as racism prevents
intermingling and blurring of whatever groups are considered races. Once the 'line' becomes impossible to define, the meme itself is more likely to die or become dormant. The uber-meme of bigotry (any concept of bigotry, racism, xenophobia, John Bircherism, abrahamic religions in general) would survive when social conditions promote it, and decline when social conditions promote inclusiveness.

As is usual for me, I wander. Tangentialism is my middle name. Thanks for posting, it's a thought-provoking subject. My comments are meant to be respectful wanderings, and I hope that they are taken as such.


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