So as most people know the comments section of You Tube is mostly filled with hate and very seldom filled with people actually talking to one another.

Well, I don't know what pulled me in.  Whether is was someone saying the earth is 6000 years old or someone saying that there is no evidence for evolution I was soon responding with responses and links.  What started as trying to teach and argue turned into me becoming a jerk to theists.  It became entertaining to always be getting some notification of a reply and coming up with someway to make them look unintelligent.

I woke up this morning and started reading over my posts from the past month.  And If I was a theist I would not have a lot of respect for Atheists as I have represented them.  Of course one person can't represent a whole belief but we all know they can and if I really care about people coming to knowledge and reason I need to do my part to present our understanding of the natural world in a positive light.

As of today I have deleted all of my comments and sent apologies to those I was arguing (fighting) with and after one message more often then not we suddenly are capable of having a nice talk with each other.

And I have never felt better being a friendly atheist. :)

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Comment by Daniel Kroeger on March 2, 2015 at 9:40pm

Thanks for the comments, perhaps I can find a nice balance of honesty and tact.  :)

Comment by Michael Penn on March 2, 2015 at 10:54am

I'm as friendly as can be and I'm very vocal when it comes to talking to idiots that have no clue or real evidence for anything. Yes, I got in trouble calling the religious "idiots" one time. I offended somebody. Does it help to admit that I used to be one of those idiots? Yes, we can all be an idiot or a moron at one time or another. Me, you, anybody.

It's about education along with reason and logic. Some are offended when you call them ignorant. If you do not know a certain thing that is a fact, then you are ignorant of that information. Stop being offended and get educated.

Comment by Loren Miller on March 1, 2015 at 10:24pm

Daniel, I have no problem being friendly when I am being engaged in a friendly manner.  As a point of fact, between 2010 and 2012, I was thus engaged by three groups of Jehovah's Witnesses, each of whom were received with reasonable cordiality by me, though what they had to sell was less warmly accepted.  They asked questions, usually cliched, about why I was an atheist, what I wanted to say to god, given the chance or whether I thought the world was designed or not.  Because I am a college graduate (engineer) with a practical grasp of reality and who has an interest in "believing as many true things as possible and as few false things," to borrow from Matt Dillahunty, my visitors found themselves punching out of their weight class ... which is probably why I haven't seen them since their last stop not quite three years ago.

I have said multiple times on Atheist Nexus and elsewhere that I am willing to respect others to the degree that they respect me.  The beliefs they wish to represent, if they prove to be of something less than rational in nature, deserve no such consideration, and I give them none.  Religion has run roughshod over this planet for entirely too long, and it is far past time someone, preferably multiple someones, answered back.  That is what I do, and I suspect you'll find that there are several other members of A|N who are similarly engaged.

It took me a while to come to the conclusion that I was indeed, an atheist, very nearly six decades, yet here I am.  In that time, I have seen the damage done by believers of various gauges, and I am sickened by it to the point where I am prepared to resist their efforts to superimpose their dogma on me or the government.  Thus far, that resistance has taken the form of words, but I am not so naive as to think that, as religion loses its influence and position as is happening right now that the possibility doesn't exist that some of their number might resort to something more than words.  Such is already happening, though not on US soil, and if you don't believe me, ask the editors of Charlie Hebdo, among many others.

Yeah, I can be a nice guy ... or a cast-iron sonofatbitch, if the need arises.  If the fight consists of words, then words become my weapon of choice.  Should the situation escalate,  I won't throw the first punch, but you can bet the farm I'll throw the last one.

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