A Mormon Encounter(AKA how I was not intellectually stimulated)

Are some people beyond reason and logic? In my most recent exploits, I would have to say yes. I would like to believe that there is a chance for the seriously deluded Jesus follower, but evidence to the contrary is consistently appearing before me.

For instance, these "believers" (my neighbors) spoke of how they do not believe in Jesus, they "know" Jesus.Then one of them proceeded to give examples, like miracles. Okay, I say, lets talk about "miracles". Why doesn’t God heal amputees? “ Why would he return something he took?” Seriously?! Then why would he take it in the first place? "That is not for us to question" And his brother affirmed those statements.
Wow! Do these people even hear themselves speak in such an illogical and asinine manner? God takes limbs, won’t give them back, don’t question his judgments, he is God for Christ’s sake….Uhh, I will pass in believing such humbug.

I am not trying to "de-convert" my neighbor, his brother, and their now regular Mormon visitors, but I do wish they would ask themselves what it is that they believe and why they believe it.
Seems simply enough,right? Ennnnnck, sorry Bob but that is incorrect!

I was asked by my neighbor to be his "tag partner" as even though he is a Jesus believer, he does not like the Mormon's doctrine (Who does?) This came about because I just finished "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer ( I uploaded the audio book to Demonoid,btw) and noticed his routine visitations by Mormons. I gave him a very brief history of their origins and it backed up his negative sentiments about this particular group of Christians.

I was not and did not purposely criticize or belittle their faith (Although it would have been quite easy to do so) Instead I purposed questions they did not directly answer if they answered at all.
By the end of this hour long session, the only thing discussed between the 2 Christian brothers and the 3 Mormons (One soon to be an elder) was in how we follow Jesus and where and what sin is.
How boring,right? I was hoping for more in depth questions about morality and purpose etc., but instead I receive bible quotes and the usual rhetoric (What else did I expect,right?)

The guy who is about to be an elder listens to rock music and watches regular television, the damn sinner. Before they left I was facing the other 2 and said, "Oh, by the way, if you hadn't guessed yet,I'm an Atheist" Their response: "Oh,okay" and I think one of them said cool.
Seriously?!!! No outlandish attacks on what I do not do? What a disappointment. Here I was looking forward towards a verbal conflict with heated discussions and I get nothing. Makes me think they might be Atheists underneath those magic underwear...

Just boring,useless Jesus talk that does not say much at all...Where is a biblical scholar when you need one? At least they know about the history of their beliefs, these clowns just use plain old bible talk and do not even listen to themselves.

In summary, it seems an almost wasted amount of time and breath on my part. I wasn't entertained or challenged on my ideas and was privy to the same old stories I've heard since elementary Sunday school. You would think that being outnumbered 5-1, I might have had a difficult time, but sadly, I was left talking to myself for most of the evening.

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