Though it’s unpopular I take this stand

Declaring that there is no bogyman

Nor even a supernal guiding hand.


I comprehend that there is no grand plan

Or purpose to phenomenon we see

Except what is imposed on it by man.


With careful thought it’s obvious to me

That nature’s permutations are the norm

And not an aberration by decree.


An incremental process does transform

In unending varieties to fill

Without the need for wisdom to inform.


Though sans design, the mind can ponder still

Appreciating with a wond’rous awe

Complexity compiled without a skill.


Only the willful blind will find a flaw

In a cosmos that is all that there is

Without the deities they never saw.


   © Gianni di Miele 2010

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Comment by Gianni Di on January 2, 2011 at 10:21pm


Friends, Gianni di Miele is my "nom de plume" I wrote this in 2010 as a "coming out" after deciding to adopt a naturalistic, non theistic world view.


I wrote it using the Terza Rima rhyme scheme utilized by Dante.


Please tell me what you think!



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