A priest, a rabbi, an archaeologist, and a historian, are sitting together on a train.

A priest, a rabbi, an archaeologist, and A historian, are sitting together on a train.

The historian asks the archaeologist: “Is there really no evidence of the city of Nazareth from the 1st century CE?"

The priest pipes up: “Of course there was a 1st century CE Nazareth because Jesus lived in Nazareth.”

The rabbi cuts off the archaeologist with: “Jesus was a Jew which proves that Nazareth was a Jewish city and the Galilee was Jewish territory during the first century CE.”

The archaeologist tells the historian: “I can give you a first century CE Nazareth, if these guys will fund my dig.”

You can see how religion has pwned archaeology at: http://www.nazarethvillage.com/research/

"From the early days of the conceptualization, planning and development of Nazareth Village, there was a strong commitment to create a first-century village based on solid biblical, historical, and archeological research."

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Comment by Bimmerella on September 14, 2010 at 10:34pm
This makes you wonder how much of history has been invented to suit the story tellers....huh? That's why SCIENCE is our friend!!!! Everything else, is just words!!!
Comment by Diana Agorio on September 14, 2010 at 6:43pm
Please note, the criticism here is specific to the goings on in Nazareth. The link is to Nazareth Villiage, a recreated 1st century CE village, erected as a tourist attraction. It is an example of archaeologists catering to specific religious and ideological sympathies.

Conveniently timed for last Christmas, this hit the news circuit: "Archaeologists unearth home from Jesus' era in Nazareth" http://www.nctimes.com/lifestyles/faith-and-values/article_655290ff...

The whole emphasis of the article is Jesus and Jewish rebels from the 1st century CE.

Nazareth is a problem for those who claim Jesus was real because there was no city of Nazareth until the 4th century CE. The town was named Nazareth because of the Jesus story.



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