a quick review of Ray Comfort's new book

Normally, I wouldn't touch anything that Ray Comfort writes with a 20 foot pole for two reasons. The first is that it's Pharyngula territory and I don't need PZ Myers siccing his army of cephalopods at me. Especially the giant ones where there's something really sharp and pointy on every sucker. The second is that I try to run a blog that goes in more depth than usual. I'd rather tackle some hack with a degree and at least some modicum of respect out there because he's a more difficult target.

But I thought about it and decided that it had to be done. I would put myself through the Amazon preview of Comfort's book and see how far I could get without obliterating my self imposed blog word limit. I didn't get past page two and in those first two pages almost every sentence was filled with so many mistakes, I could write a short novel just taking those few hundred words apart bit by bit. I didn't, but there was certainly plenty of material to work with.

So just how bad was it? Probably even worse than you thought... (read on)

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Comment by Phelps on March 9, 2009 at 10:05pm
I read the full post on your site. Good read. What worries me the most is that Ray Comfort is just one man, but he has followers who believe the flat-out falsities that the spews.



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