A Rambling Little Bit About Rock Lyrics

So, I’m tooling around Vegas a couple weeks back, listening to Ozzie’s Boneyard when I hear this story about the origin of No More Tears. Apparently, Ozzie was in the bathtub, so the story goes, when inspiration struck.

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Comment by Michael Penn on July 25, 2013 at 6:56am

If you read about atheists on Craig's List you find many stupid comments where someone says to another, "you're just the devil's little bitch boy." Many funny comments on there. I would first suppose that you would have to believe in a devil to get that far. If there are no gods then there are no devils.

Never the less, Ozzy shouldn't be biting the heads off of bats. I would be afraid of rabies.

Then we have that old Beatles song where they speak of "lucy in the sky with diamonds." It had nothing to do with LSD, they said. It was inspired by children singing. Oh, well.



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