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Responding to the article "Is Astrology Rubbish?" on Discovery.com

Asia Gorton
I believe you are addressing 'magazine astrology'. Anyone who knows anything about astrology understands that 'astrology columns' are complete rubbish. I can't believe I just spent the last few minutes of my life, wasting oxygen and reading this opinionated, unsupported rant.
Yes, there isn't much evidence to suggest that astrology is a scientific practice, but do everyone a favour before you start bashing away at your keyboard - gain some actual understanding of the subject you've chosen to 'debunk'. You may think that the fact that you're a student of astronomy makes you in some way superior, but lack of understanding of any subject completely invalidates your opinion on them.
I too am skeptical about how planets and stars are supposed to affect us, but seriously, at least I bother looking into something before I ignorantly cast it off as 'rubbish'.

To say he should do more research would be like saying my disbelief in geocentrism isn't founded because I haven't carefully studied the fundamentals of geocentrism itself. Astronomy and physics as we know them disprove the claim at face value, without digging.
I think he's perfectly right to criticize astrology regardless of his knowledge of it because his existing knowledge of astronomy far outmerits the claims of astrology without having to dig. Astrology's foundation is already at pure odds with what we know scientifically therefore there's really no sense in bothering to read too deep.
If you said there was a school of thought based on a belief in invisible pink unicorns, would my skepticism and eventual (hypothetical) dispute of that claim based on what I know about the world around me be considered unfounded because I didn't bother seriously studying said school of thought? Or would it be more realistic to say that because I know what I know, there's no need for me to dig deeply into the claim that is already at odds with what has been scientifically established?

Just food for thought.

To simplify: Astrology is defined by the belief that the planets and stars affect your personality and the outcome of your life. Astronomy and physics have already completely disproved this claim. No need to read into it further.

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