So, I'm obviously new to the Nexus - hello all. One of my favorite atheist activities is the vlog I create every week on behalf of Connecticut Valley Atheists, an American Atheist affiliate of which I am vice president. I like to think these video blogs are informative and fun. They can be found on YouTube, or at, or, from now on, here.

Just to catch you up, here are some of my favorites. I hope you'll watch them, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and share them with all your heathen buddies (or your holy foes).

We Know How Magnets Work; or, ICP's "Miracles" Explained

Wondering which is more dangerous - violence or ignorance - and breaking down the hickish rantings of some rapping clowns.

I Dabbled in Stupidity

A response to the Pew Forum's study on religious literacy and Christine O'Donnell's claims to expertness on the subject of religion.

Agnosticism is Weak Theism

For all they claim to be open-minded and enlightened, an equal-probability agnostic is merely a person who has failed to recognize that a man is not more buoyant than water.

God Might Be a Dick

Explaining why my atheism is intellectual, not volitional, and why even the existence of a god does not mean that deity is worthy of worship.

There is No God and Your Life is Meaningless - Now Let's All Eat Ic...

Will our lives matter in a million years? In a hundred? Probably not. Pass the cookie dough.

A new video comes out every Tuesday. It would be really swell of all of you to subscribe, share the videos, and comment (on the YouTube page).


mr dan

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