A little section on my next story. Enjoy!

“I understand you have been asking questions about the ‘Unbelievers’,” The Grand Father asks me.

I nod my head, “Yes, I have,” and as an afterthought I add, “Grand Father.”

The Grand Father nods his, “I see.” He walks over to the tapestry on the wall. It depicts The Holy Lord being placed upon a cross and being lit ablaze. “This is The
Holy Lord. He sacrificed Himself to the
flame of men, in order to save them from the burn. After His Holy death, He rose from the
Beyond to raise into the Kingdom of the Grand Master, His divine Father.” The Grand Father turns to me. He motions for me to follow. I stand my ground. He sighs and snaps his fingers. The electronic collar around my neck springs
to life and a sudden jolt shocks through my body. I jump, yelp, and practically run to the
Grand Father; he smiles. I hold back
from swearing and follow after him.

“Humanity is stubborn. Even when the entire world believes in one thing, a portion of Humanity believes in another. This is where the ‘Unbelievers’ come into the
picture,” The Grand Father sneers over the word ‘Unbeliever’. “The ‘Unbelievers’ are wrong in their belief,
and they must be shown the light of—“

“By ‘shown the light’ you mean killed, right?” I interrupt the Grand Father. He turns
around to me, in shock. “The ‘Unbelievers’
have facts on their side. They can show
and tell us how the world was made! They
have reason and logic on their side!” I wet
my lips before speaking—or rather yelling—my next words. “The Grand Master and The Holy Lord, they . .
. they are tyrants! They want complete
control over everything and everyone.
The ‘Unbelievers’ taught me a word.
It fits you and your religion! Totalitarianism.”

The Grand Father’s face changes from shock to rage. He slaps me across my face, sends me down into the cool marble floor. “I am the Grand Father, boy! You would do to respect me! I will see you die for your crimes!” He kicks me in my stomach and leaves me
there. I begin to cry.

A man is standing over me; is it the Grand Father’s servant Nubile Serve. He pulls me to my feet, deactivates the electric collar, and smiles down
on me. “The Unbelievers thank you for standing up to him. We offer you a position within our
Organization.” He offers his hand to
me. I take it.

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