A treatise on the nature of human nature.

Nature: red in tooth and claw. The ceaseless fighting and courting must go on for ever. There will never be a victor. We are merely animals. We fight, but over silly novelities and tribulations. When did we become so pathetic?

Why can't we love with the fullness of our hearts and ply with the strength of all our muscles? We love - as any animal does - and yet we feel human love to be something special; something spiritual. We see with oft pessimistic and pejorative eyes and yet we feel outbursts of love and affection.

We mostly never consider consequence. We are merely little bundles of egotism and idiocy trapped in the human form. We are merely loved-up creatures unable to feel love. We have hands but we can't touch. We have eyes and ears but we see merely the immediate and the pressing.

We have hearts, lungs, arteries, brains, skeletons, skeletal muscle, blood, bile and other tissues too numerous to mention - like all mammals.

We are holistic-seeing creatures dissecting the world piece by piece. We've dissected the human form - at least in its physiology; its physicalities. When will we be able to leave on the table the very essence of the human?

Never, I say. We are merely pieces strung together and we work as a whole. The eyes and skin and bodily feedback systems feed the brain, the brain feeds the nervous system, the nervous system feeds the respiratory system and we nourish ourselves with the very produce of the Earth - the Earth's earth. We feed ourselves with our animal brothers and sisters 3.9 billion years in the making. We feed ourselves merely to sustain our ability to feed.

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