A Tribute to One Of My Heroes: Frank Zappa, His Parental Advice "Keep Your Kids Away From Religion".

It was a very sad time for me when I heard the news about the death of Frank Zappa in 1993 from cancer. 

His sarcastic humor and incredible musical ability with a completely non-commercial outlook on the entire music industry gave me some of my outlook on life and skepticism.

He was always skeptical of everything and shunned commercialism.

Frank Zappa epitomized the Social and political Skepticism and cynicism of the 60s and 70s.

He created a following of both hippies and Free Thinkers who actually understood his lyrics where the hippies did not, because he was actually hated and ridiculed the entire hippie movement.

He was especially skeptical of Religion, and helped to influence my own views of religion.

As he gave advice in a televised interview regarding his own autobiography with regards to parenting when asked by the interviewer, His main advice to being a good parent was: "Keep your children away from religion". 


As he believed that children should only be introduced to the concept of religion when they are older and knowledgeable enough to be able to understand and be critical of it.

He was a massive influence in the drug culture of the 70s, yet he had a dislike for drug users and hippies, which he often ridiculed in his tracks, but those hippies and druggies all considered him as a drug taking hero, so evidently they didn't understand his satirical ridicule of them.

Here is Wikipedia's take on his life: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Zappa

For a man who sometimes quite introvert, he was not shy when it came to vocalizing his criticisms of society and stirring up controversy.  He, like myself was quite outspoken if there was something he saw as blatantly idiotic or completely Irrational, such as in his case, many of the Laws concerning Censorship and restriction of our rights to ridicule stupidity, such as institutionalized irrational beliefs (religion).

A few of his tracks that influenced my youth and the foundations of my current worldviews.

If you understand this, you may be able to understand more about my attitudes and activities.

If you enjoy these, then that is GR8!   :-D

cosmik debris


Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk


Catholic Girls


Why Does It Hurt When I Pee


Joe's Garage ( This reminds me of my own attempts to form a band)


Uncle Remus ( I like his use of unusual instruments in his music like the xylophone )


San Bernadino


Pojama People (great guitar work and reminds me of many people I know) Though some may say it reminds them of myself.  :-D~


Teamed up with the brilliant guitarist Steve Vie to produce this electrifying but Bawdy track.

Fk-Yr-Slf  Avoid this if you don't like swearing, but it makes a good point about Religion.


He was possibly one of the most unusual, radical and extremely intelligent minds of his era.

I've read his self written autobiography and it is every bit as unusual as his music.

Many thought that a musician must be on drugs and extremely hallucinogenic ones at that to compose the music and write lyrics like his, yet, the only drugs he ever used were nicotine and not a great deal of alcohol, since like myself, he never liked being out of control.

Though I did try many drugs, and found that being out of control made me uneasy as well, so I gave them up completely. 

Many say that those of us that prefer to be sober and in control are Boring.

Nobody could ever say that about Frank Zappa.

I, like Frank, am not Shy when I want to make a point or attack something I see as completely IDIOTIC.  Well in my opinion anyway and we all have opinions, just like we all have arse-holes.

Aye M8z!   :-D~   I hope some will learn to appreciate the legacy of Frank Zappa

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Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on November 22, 2013 at 4:47pm

I was introduced to Frank Zappa by some Free Thinkers in the early 1970s as well as some drug crazed hippies, yet, when I realize from his lyrics that he was actually denigrating the hippie movement, I couldn't understand why he was so highly venerated by those hippies. My free thinker friends also scoffed at the paradox.  Yet his music and brilliance on the guitar also captured me, since I played lead guitar at the time.  I was captivated by videos of his live shows which were completely interactive with the audience which introduced fun and spontaneity, much like the TV program Good News Week did for a while in Australia.  Some people, including his band members consider the "Mothers Of Invention" the best band in the world.

Comment by Loren Miller on November 22, 2013 at 6:21am

I will admit not to being a huge fan of Frank Zappa, but I was always impressed with his ability to say what he meant, especially in front of Congress back in the days of the lyric-censoring crap that was going on.  He's even sneaked into my blog a couple times, so his significance to the atheist community should NOT be underestimated!

Thanks for posting this!


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