A Ugandan Pastor visits the school and donates school supplies

On Tuesday 31st May 2011, we hosted a local pastor at the school who was moving from school to school conveying the "good news" to students, he said that he visits schools, prisons,hospitals speaking out the news to all people.

As a Humanist School we are tolerant to people's beliefs and okayed him to speak to the children. You can follow what transpired at the meeting here http://kasesehumanistschool.webs.com/apps/blog/entries/show/7247982...

Submitted by:

Bwambale Robert

School Project Director

Kasese Humanist Primary School

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Comment by Dr. Terence Meaden on June 1, 2011 at 5:58pm

As you well know, I strongly support the worthy humanist, atheist and scientific aims of your school.

As such, we have nothing to fear from such pastors, and there is much about which the school and its teachers can proudly boast. 

But I hope that the pastor was publicly questioned about his untenable and incredible belief system that he holds largely because he was indoctrinated when he was young;

and that class discussions were later held in order to set his christian claims in their proper context of having caused so much strife, unhappiness and death in what ideally ought to be a happy religion-free planet. 

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