Just a few minutes ago, a couple of young boys---probably about 12, 13---rang my doorbell and handed me a 1 page flyer from  the Trinity Baptist Church. The front page has directions to, and info about, the church. The back page tells me (1) I am a sinner (ah,------they don't even know me), (2) God has placed a price on my sin-------DEATH,---Romans 6:23a


I'm minding my own business, in my own home, eating a pizza, and 2 young strangers come to my home, uninvited, and tell me that I'm a sinner and the price I have to pay (for what?????) is fucking DEATH? With an authoritative biblical quote, yet. 


Can one of you tell me what I did to deserve a death sentence?  I haven't done shit, and I was just minding my own business--at home--eating my dinner.  Please help! I didn't even have a trial!!!



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Comment by Richard K. Emms on November 4, 2011 at 7:10am

That whole "died for your sins" thing never made any sense to me.  How could someone over 2000 years ago have any idea that I would even exist someday, much less what my behavior would be?  Let's say that I really did do bad deeds, how does his death atone for that?  Perhaps we should all have ourselves killed, just in case there would be some sinners born in the couple of thousand years. 

   From an engineering viewpoint, any device designed with rationale like this would not work.

Comment by Maruli Marulaki on November 3, 2011 at 8:16pm

If this would happen here to me, I would put up a sign at my door: 


If you have come for my sinning soul, you are too late.

I have already been informed, that a place in hell is reserved for me.  

I do not need to be told again. 

If you want to compete, whose hell is most appropriate for my soul, please go to the Trinity Baptist Church and discuss it with your colleagues there.




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