A water bottle that fills itself! It's SCIENCE! duh

Ok so click bate title I know, and no there's not a water bottle that fills itself. Why? Well that inconvenient thing called math, and observable, measurable science.

And here in lies the problem. So many people fund idiotic ideas like this because they think you "don't need math" to deny cosmology, physics, science, instead you need to just sit there and think, and if it makes sense to you then you must be right! Totally laughable. Yet many fall for it. Millions of dollars are wasted on bad ideas simply because people are unwilling to apply a small amount of math to check and see if these ideas are even possible. And then you have people who openly say "math is hard, you don't need math for science." 

You do need math however, anyone telling you they can disprove Einstein, cosmology, the age of the earth, evolution, without accurate measurements and lots of math is either severely mistaken or flat out lying. People who won't show you the evidence, the calculations, those who focus on wild claims without evidence, and blindly say science has no evidence, then send you to a book they don't understand well enough to be able to tell you themselves what it says should be instantly suspect to any reasonable rational person.

This is why we don't want to engage in false equivalence between ideas. This is why when someone tries to get you alone so they can sell you their pitch without access to critical thought and criticism should be distrusted. That's how cults operate. We need to research, we need to observe, we need to test, we need to fact check, we need to call out people when they engage in highly manipulative tactics. We need to stand up for an accurate view of reality.

A quote from Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan page 65

The difference between physics and metaphysics, Wood concluded as he raised his glass high, is not that the practitioners of one are smarter than the practitioners of the other. The difference is metaphysicist has no laboratory.

(This is regarding those who claim "truth" can be obtained just by thinking about something without lab's math, testing, and opening yourself to critical analysis from others)

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Comment by Compelledunbeliever on March 10, 2017 at 8:27am

 Come on, Really? My pastor taught me that 2+2=GOD A'n i knowed he ain't no liar!

Comment by BenGee on March 7, 2017 at 8:34am
I think demon haunted world should be mandatory reading in schools
Comment by Michael Penn on March 7, 2017 at 7:50am

Yes, good old click bait. Many do not know that we have that now bigtime, and it's how they get paid to boot. My best example is a story that starts and then you have to click to go somewhere else and finish the story.

BTW, I loved the book "Demon Haunted World" and I read it when I was still a believer. I had a different view of everything after that. I miss Carl Sagan.



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