I use to be "pro-life" (code for anti abortion) because (quite frankly) I was STUPID! Here is what I think now:

As a former youth minister, I would set up scenarios with unsuspecting kids about who to throw out on a boat... and that they would always end up "aborting" someone important, like the pope or Beethoven.

HOWEVER, why didn't anyone say back to me, "But what if Hitler's mom had an abortion?" Bada bing.

Why doesn't anyone ever say, "WTF, god... you aborted your son, didn't you?!" And even worse... he was ALIVE! And was made a mockery by the whole production of his death.

What about Psalm 137:9? "Happy shall he be that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones?" Don't abort them when they can't feel it, kill them when they're alive!!

And why do believers tell us about all the suffering us non believers will have to face? And they are HAPPY about it and CAN'T wait for us to find out about the wrath of god and how hot hell is? Doesn't seem like people who cherish other people's well being.

Umm, Abraham, anyone? child sacrifice? eh, eh? What if someone was told by God to abort the devil in them?! Should we believe them?? If I was caught having an abortion, I would say, "Lucifer came to me and said I will spawn the reincarnation of (insert someone evil from a long long list) and that I had no choice! Little does he know about a democratic society!"

How much does God love the unborn?! miscarriages, fathered by a rapist or their grandpa, mother killed while still pregnant? But all of a sudden, it was God's will? What about those that suffer after being born?! And then constantly wonder why they were spited, instead of not being born? (which by the way a lot of believers, if not all, believe the unborn go back to be in heaven)

Maybe it was "God's plan" to have the child aborted! Ever think about that?

I'm not implying that abortion is always the answer when in doubt. (I was a doubting girl in trouble before, now with a wonderful child) But I get so sick of these misguided religious nuts. I know, I use to be one! And I would always tell the sheep, that they will REGRET IT! And that they will suffer horrible pain and live an empty life! Dude, how fucked up was I?

Also... if our life is so important to the crazy dude in the sky, WHY DO WE DIE?! sometimes in horrrrrrible ways?!

Why don't the protesters be more productive in adoption agencies? Why don't they round up the "unwanted" children and give them "a life!" What's the thought, "Oh well, they're lucky to be alive, let's hope someone takes them, BUT IT WON'T BE ME!" Sooooo many kids are never adopted and affects them tremendously. I have quite a few stories about foster homes, adopted people and unwanted but saved children. Not all bad, but the bad is worse!

If they don't want people (I say people, because it affects the man too) to have abortions, then why are they so against birth control?! Oh, I get it, because it prevents the possibility of a life. Okay, okay... but still! How can you live so calculated by what ifs?

RAWR! One last thing, what is with the big giant posters of aborted babies?! Since they are people, I don't think you should be splashing them across posters indecently without their consent. I mean, c'mon... RESPECT LIFE!

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Comment by K. Walker on June 23, 2009 at 3:05pm
Not to imply that children are not worth the expense of raising because they are, they are our future leaders but note that all these angry people with their close-up photos of bludgeoned children (photos are always used for shock value purposes) never offer to take on the care, nurturing or immense expense of raising these literally thousands of children. They're quick to direct all expecting Mothers to the welfare or and/or social service offices but I don't see any of them clearing a bedroom out in their own homes to make room for the new arrival(s).
Comment by Vy on June 22, 2009 at 4:30pm
Thanks for the comments and reposts. I don't mind that people protest or are against abortion. it is their logic that fails me and also, I think it can be a dangerous game when a group intimidates others into going through pregnancy, if they personally don't want to.
Comment by Dani on June 22, 2009 at 3:40pm
Wow :D I totally agree with the points you've made here...my main argument to pro lifers is what you were saying about all of the thousands of children already here w/o a home in foster care! It really infuriates me that these people dont use their time productively to help the real victims...
Also, I shudder when in a conversation with a pro lifer who is also pro war... complete oxymoron!
Comment by K. Walker on June 21, 2009 at 2:43am
I esp. love the ending here where you talk about splashing dead or dying children across posters in hopes of making a point, valid or not. And take note, it's never really made a difference that they do this anyway because the clinics still exist.



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