Abortion: what some are being forced to turn too.

Found this on the net and thought I’d share it with you. As some of you know, my feelings about abortion is this: While I think no one is keen on the “idea” of abortion, I want to see it kept legal because if a women wants to have that procedure done, she’ll find a way to do it. Years ago before Roe vs. Wade, doctors “knew” a doctor who would perform the procedure or someone who could perform the “procedure.”

Well, abortion is something a women looks at her watch and says, “Oh, it’s 2 o’clock, I think I’ll have an abortion….” I know women who’ve had the procedure done. It’s not something that one just shrugs off and goes skipping down the street.

Well, those who’ve decided it’s their calling from “God” or what have you are doing their damnedest to make abortion go away. Are these people that foolish to think if it’s not legal, then abortions will stop all together? I know of a young women who was 23 with two kids and divorced. She found herself pregnant again. She didn’t want another child. For some reason, financially or some other reason, didn’t or couldn’t go to a clinic. So, what did she do? She went on a drinking binge to cause a miscarriage. It worked.

So with the killing of Doctor Tiller and the passage of draconian laws, you’re seeing the following start to happen.

Abortion by Cow Meds
By Jihan Thompson


Let's say you're under 18, pregnant, and unable to get an abortion without parental consent, as is the case in 24 states. The logical thing to do would be to ... swallow some cow meds from a nearby farm? Sounds nuts, but that's what some young women are doing in an attempt to perform DIY abortions.

Anna Anderson, executive director of the Monroe, Wisconsin-based Care Net Pregnancy Center, which counsels women on alternatives to abortion, was the first to report the practice, when an acquaintance called to discuss a teen who'd downed the meds. "When the girl finally came in and admitted it, she started rattling off the names of 10 other girls who had also done it," says Anderson, who recognized some of the names because the girls had come to the center for pregnancy tests. (The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association points out that these cases have not been validated by health officials.)

The cow medicine—a liquid that's usually given as a shot to abort calves or regulate breeding cycles—works by essentially starving the fetus. After a few days, a woman would experience cramping, and the fetus would be expelled. Complications could include excessive hemorrhaging and a systemic infection.

In the era of abortion doctors like George Tiller being murdered, perhaps extreme behavior is to be expected. That said, here's hoping the human use of cow meds dies out, now that the FDA has approved Plan B—the morning-after pill—for use without a prescription by 17-year-olds.

So what are you’re views on this? And NO, I don’t think or think that all atheists are Pro-choice.

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