About that pact with the Devil that Haiti made!

In case some of you really believe that Robertson is that senile. He's not. He's desperate.

Pat Robertson has absolutely nothing against Haiti.
He needs to solve a big problem with his religion and his god and he must be pro-active in countering the questions that any minister is feeling coming at him or her.

Here's the problem religious leaders have:

The God of the New Testament is said and pushed to the People as a loving, compassionate and just God. So why would a God like that let such a devastating catastrophe happen to Haiti which is a country that has:

Been build on the suffering of slaves
Been screwed and exploited by France (It took most of the 19th century to repay the "reparations" imposed by France on Haiti)
Been screwed and exploited by the US
Never exploited any other nations, never committed any kind of crime as a nation
been called the poorest country on the Western Hemisphere
...and more!

How do you explain to your flock of sheep that your benevolent, loving, compassionate God instead of having some evil nation hit by a earthquake actually make it happen to Haiti that has been a victim from the beginning of its history?

You don't. If you have a benevolent, loving, compassionate God in charge you simply can't explain what has happened to Haiti and you risk to see your flock seriously wondering about the doctrine or even worse, the existence of God!

...unless you throw in that Haiti made a pact with the Devil. And voila! You're all set.
You still have a loving, compassionate and just God in charge! If he did that to Haiti it's only because He knows better. Haiti made a pact with the Devil!

That's it, no other reason. Robertson doesn't give a flying fuck about Haiti, he needs to explain his faith and his God and the only way to excuse a loving god for killing more than 200,000 people in a poor, hapless country like Haiti is to tell his flock of morons that haitians made a pact with the Devil!

What does this tell you?

Two things.

If there is a God, he's not nice. Why punish the descendants of people who would have made a pact with the Devil more than 200 years ago. How fair? Why not punish the very People who made the pact? Here I'm to believe that the creator of billions of galaxies and of all life in the universe would be that low.
If there is NO God, well, anything can happen and why not an earthquake to Haiti.

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