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Comment by Michael Penn on October 16, 2013 at 12:46pm

Good cartoon.

As I write this the senate has come up with a plan that extends us into January without default, but it has to pass the house yet. Why am I not excited here? This looks like the same old merry go round, and people act like our debt only increased under Obama. Do ANYTHING not to work with Obama. The right wing nutjobs think they are helping (even in bringing on the end times) and that causing a default would be how to deal with this and turn everything around.

At first it would not affect social security, and now it will, they say. Some man is crying because he will go hungry if he does not get his check. Let's go one better. Some of us couldn't pay our mortgages either. Oh, hell yes! Let's just let it all fly and we might rebuild later from the chaos OR we can see Jebus coming in the sky. Take your pick.

I've had it with these bastards. Let them get their egos and agendas out of the way and do their jobs OR let them all get replaced. That's pretty simple really.

And I've got a plan to get us out of the trillions of debt we owe, but it's to simple to work and too tempting. We set up a special tax going right towards the debt problem. About 2 years into that someone would borrow the money!

I rest my case.



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