I have been neglecting the e-world for a while. Things have been pretty crazy with me, and I'm plain lazy. I guess I needed a break. Plus I got a new xbox 360 so I've been playing video games like crazy when I should be studying for my PPL test.

Anyway, I'm on the Council of Ex Muslims forum and there's this really nationalist sounding dude on it. His view is that all Muslims (moderate or not) should be deported to Muslim countries. Wow. That's a pretty stupid thing to say on an Ex Muslim forum since none of us would want our moderate Muslim family members to be deported (even if we are born in the Western country). He acknowledges the fact that there are many moderate peaceful Muslims, but he believes that there is no way of telling who is moderate and who is extreme, and so it's safer just to deport them all. He also seemingly quotes from Fox News a lot.

Ugh. Facepalm.

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