Abstinence Ideology Cost in Tax Funds

2001- $73 million
2008- $204 million
Grand Total: $1.5 Billion
Given the current state of affairs I pretty much place trust in an Abstinence program as mush as I do Wall Street. To Quote Ellen Goodman of the Boston Globe “Our national investment in abstinence-only may not be a scam on the scale of Bernie Madoff. But this industry has had standards for truth as loose as some mortgage lenders. It manufactures a product as ill-suited to the environment as the SUV. All in all, abstinence-only education has become emblematic of the rule of ideology over science.”
It is not enough we say we wish for the Church to be out of our Government we must assure all funds are cut off. There is nothing and I mean nothing to suggest these programs are anything more then a scam and if anything do more damage to our children by providing lies and misconceptions.
Here are a few facts;
Compare that to the statistic in the newest research about teens who pledge abstinence. The majority not only breaks the pledge, they forget they ever made it. (Sort of like taking our the garbage or any household chore)
The lesson many students seemed to retain from their abstinence-only program was a negative and inaccurate view of contraception.

What makes this study important is simply this: "virginity pledges" are one of the ways that the government measures whether abstinence-only education is "working." They count the pledges as proof that teens will abstain. It turns out that this is like counting New Year's resolutions as proof that you lost 10 pounds.
Absolutely no difference in their sexual behavior, or the age at which they began having sex, or the number of their partners.

But then the Church has always been very active on denting that humans in fact even have a sexuality at all. Shutter to think is was not until about 1000 years after their son of god was born that a priest became celibate and women were tossed out of the ceremonies.
What I do know is their belief now has a tax support I want cut off and I mean NOW. It is not enough to declare yourself God free it is to take the lies to task with the facts of science, history, math and the truth toe to toe. Every con when caught will suggest as Bernie did to trust only now I do not want my tax dollar to fund a bad system going no where.

In The Name of Father Guido Sarducci…Don’t a poke with outta a coat, you mighta make da baby.


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Comment by Susan LaCroix on January 12, 2009 at 2:55pm
It's always amazed me that the catholic church fights against birth control, when the planet is already overpopulated and environmentally incapable of sustaining too many people! Talk about out-dated ignorance. That makes about as much sense as buying your way into heaven did.
Comment by Reality Activist on January 5, 2009 at 6:07am
Comment by Creature on January 5, 2009 at 1:23am
The worst part is that they're much more likely to have to deal with an I'm curious about how many of these kids also wind up on welfare in order to take care of their kids, and how many of the babies wind up in foster care.



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