Hi all---my new post is up.  I am really curious to know what your thoughts on the questions it contains are.  You can read it here: Activist Atheists

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Comment by James Kz on December 9, 2012 at 8:23am

My atheist activism is rather simple.

I live in a village of about 130 people miles and miles from another town of any size, and my wife and I are the only two people who are openly atheistic here. (We don't go out of our way to shake it in someone's face but don't shy away either.)

Our atheistic activism consists of civic activity in the village. We run the Library Friends organisation (we founded it). We successfully fought off -three- attempts to close our post office, and helped the next town over do the same with theirs.

My wife serves on the Library Board and has the same state qualifications as the Library Director (though her degrees are in computer science and business). I serve on the village board of trustees (the city council).

And the local folk see we care about the village and everyone in it. They see we actually don't want to make trouble, we want to live here.

I understand they used to have (before we moved here) a wooden hand-made Nativity scene that they used to park at the village fire department every Advent season. They quit when someone apparently stole the donkey. (I suspect it was more about Democrats than Nativity scenes, and it would be more PC around here if the Nativity as popularised had an elephant instead.)

Our activism is muted: we simply participate in village life. They know us, we are harmless, and by that they see at least -some- atheists are not baby-eating Satan worshiping scum.



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