After two weeks away, they're back tonight!!

Hey gang, hope all is well with you today.


They've been off for a couple of weeks, but they return tonight (8 pm ET/5 pm PT, simulcast at Freethought Radio [http://www.freethoughtradio] with repeats throughout the week) with a lot to say! Who's that, you ask? Why, none other than RJ Evans and David 2 - co-hosts of ShockNet Radio's American Heathen, a three-hour LIVE extravaganza of news, commentary, analysis, satire and a good dose of reality - all presented from an Atheist-Libertarian POV! It's talk radio you WON'T hear anywhere else!!:


WARNING: The topics presented, and language used, on American Heathen are NOT for the faint-of-heart or the easily offended. I personally do NOT necessarily agree with all opinions expressed on the show, but I DO believe in TOTALLY free speech!


Join RJ and David and their regulars - Queen Peeper, Linda D, John Mill, Yahweh, The Minute Maniac and Amber Harris (the show's NEW publicist) as they cut through the bull and spin and get to what's REALLY going on! You can click at the link above OR on the ad on the right side of the screen to listen in, or you can listen in via the FREE Apple iTunes player under "Radio" and "Classic Rock".


You can also join in on the fun by calling in TOLL-FREE (866) 400-6684 anytime during the show AND by joining us in the LIVE chat room - just click on the "Chat" link in the main page, then type in any screen name you wish and use the drop-down menu to select American Heathen (the room opens up about 30 minutes prior to air time). In addition, you can also discuss the topics and issues raised on the show at the American Heathen's own group right here at the Nexus!:


It's three hours of the most fascinating, controversial and no-holds-barred talk radio you'll hear all week - and it's from an Atheist POV!! What more could you ask for? Come join us tonight, listen in and take part - you'll be glad you did!!! See you there!!

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