I want to be cremated when I die.
I want to be sprinkled at the source of a river.
I know a place high in the 'Berg.
The earth water breaks out on to a rock shelf.
It is immense.
The waters trickle and flow towards a ledge.
It looks like the end of the world, the view is awe inspiring.
Over the ledge the water goes falling endlessly, flying through the air.

One of the first thing I will do after I die is see that view
then fly, sparkling, free almost weightless through the air.
I will tumble in the foam and bubbles in the pool below.
I will rest on the edges in peace
I will tumble helter skelter with more freedom than a child down the hill.
I will eddy, and watch the sky through the leaves.
I will float and watch the birds.
I will nestle in the moss on the edge.
Someone may drink from the fresh mountain stream and I would become part of them.
In them I may travel the world, dance and love. I may become part of their babies.
Still I flow into a trout dam and become part of the silt
forever in the sun and under the stars,
Part of a fish...your dinner... you.
I begin another journey in you and perhaps your children.

I flow on,
another waterfall, admired by countless visitors.
I may live in a hundred holiday snaps.
I may be on Facebook or Youtube!
In a big dam.....the drinking water for a nearby town.
Irrigation on the lands, water in a garden, an oak tree, a rose I am.
I wander
Near the end of the river's journey, meander, warm and slow.
A bird baths in the water and I am on a feather.
I fly high and free, I float off the feather and see the world from the air.
I am in brine.
I am in the ocean,
I am on a coral reef. More photo opportunities, perhaps even National Geographic.
I love coral, what joy to be here.
A whale, oh my, part of a whale, majesty and might, I flow with you whale.
An underwater volcano erupts and I fly again in the heat and the noise.
I am part of the clouds.
I wash up on beaches everywhere.
I tickle the honeymooner's toes.
I am a sand castle.
Perhaps even a pearl.
I may be a gift to you.

I am everything mankind has ever been and part of all that will be.
I am part of the ceaseless becoming of the universe.

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