Agnostics are Confused and Atheists are EVIL

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Why are Theists always so sure they are right? They feel it so strongly, they would kill in the name of their prophet, be HE Jesus, Yaweh or Mohammed.

Is not murder a sin? Yes, they'll say, but I am a sinner and for that reason I may kill. In fact, my sins and imperfections can never be healed except in the blood of the lambs.

It always confused me even as a child why Christianity had so many references to blood. The Catholic church symbolically drinks the blood of Christ (wine or grape Juice) and eats his flesh (the wafer).

Isn't this cannibalism in the symbolic ? Why do Jews cut the foreskin of an infant? Is this a kind of blood rite? What about the slaughter of goats?

Did not the Aztecs, a Pagan people, sacrifice children and animals to the mountain Gods?

Somehow we over look the obvious?

I for one believe those who claim Agnostic faith are moral and intellectual cowards? I believe this because they cannot decide, is God an old Jew or is she a Jungle Plant, perhaps the stars themselves? In any event, the idea of God to a theist is a disincarnate, but warped personality?

I say this after reading the Old Testament where God himself admits he is a jealous old God. If he is that and also choses the Jews as his people, we can pretty much call it right there. God of the Hebrews is an invention, and that invention had to be flawed since they were human and flawed as well. If they hoped to know God, they never could, because a perfect God is absolutely beyond the abilities to the created to understand. If for example he says, kill the infidel, master it is done. You on your throne of Gold have spoken.

Now, isnt this just the biggest crap pile imaginable for any educated person to accept? I couldn't do it even at age seven.

Now, are atheists sinners or deviants or Satanic? Well, I'd say we're educated rationalists. You understand this frees the spirit to discover new realms in the arts and sciences. Why do you suppose Galileo was so dispised and suffered for his life? I'll leave that question for another blog.

The closet thing in this world outside of pure mathematics that approaches divinity is music. It has the capacity to reach the inner most core of the being. Not everyone can be moved in that way and I admit I believe classical and logical progressions in sound are analgous to the outer harmony of the Universe itself.

Is not for example a carbon tetrahedron a work of art? Each one interchangeable? And from this pyramid of atomic structure comes to life, to build life.

Now, please don't believe I mean to convert any of you to anything, except the wonders of the Universe we observe about us that extends to infinity. I am fairly certain Albert Einstein, was not a theist. I just can't imagine Albert dutifully saying his Hebrew prayers.

Can an atheist be profoundly rational and religious? I believe the answer is yes. Atheism frees us to pure reason and objectivity.

I hope you down load my composition PEACE on this blog. You will in a sense have communed with me through resonance of sound, if you feel it reach something unspeakable within.

Peace to you all, and I continue to believe it is possible, although perhaps not without great evolutionary progression within the species.

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