Good Waffles!? What the fuck is wrong with these people!

I'm sitting in my living room, cold because I'm too lazy to start the fire (leaving in an hour anyway) and I am streaming Air America Minnesota (airamericaminnesota.com, if you're so inclined, put in a MN zip code, like 55404 for instance), and they have news breaks by CNN at the top of the hour every hour.
This whole day, at least a solid minute of these have been devoted to the "finding" of Caylee Anthony.
Yes, the mom's a monster, etc etc. I'm an American with only one, sometimes two, news outlets to pay attention to and this story is stale (Imagine how I'd feel if I still had television!).

Just now, they played a clip of some law enforcement official in Orlando (which is in Florida, which we should give back to Spain. We import the rest of our food, why not Orange Juice too?).
Anyway, he was talking through his asshole about how the grandparents of this toddler are really hoping that this TODDLER who is very much DEAD will agree to "Serve as the angel looking out after so many missing children!"
THIS IS A DEAD TODDLER. I get so sick of this shit. Why doesn't the (clearly non-effective) separation of Cult and State extend to the radio and television, which are common property of the United States?? This drives me insane!

I'm going to have a cocktail.

Kev :)

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