it's not you who has the problems
it's the world
what they see through clear eyes is their demise
and the high tides of life
screeching to a stop
fingerprinting the ground with their every remark
make their mouths stop breathing these poisonous fumes
your unclean air makes my nose hurt
just a little bit more.
i find myself allergic to your hate
all the stereotypes and people fighting not to be the same
conforming to judgement
let's end discrimination
don't put it in the media
leave it out
it's not something we should talk about
just let it be forgotten
let's clear the air
i declare today AIR DAY
where we stop puffing cigarettes
and passing another joint
plant some trees here
pass the peace in my direction
and i'll send it back in yours
open your mouth to sing
sing the brilliant songs of mercy
sing to the ecclectic, electric songs
dream your dreams
things you may never see
just know that the sweet leaves
the grass and the trees
the wind plays out for us
the strum of the leaves in the trees
the whistle of the birds, the buzzing little bees
the earth is a beautiful place
you gotta take it in every way that you can
whether you're sober or high
livin' or dyin'
the grass is green either way
the sky will always bleed rain
and nourish your soul
to breathe my way
notice our hearts still beat the same
our five fingers grip the stone
and we push it away together
your eyes squint to the sun like mine
doesn't matter if you're black, gray, or white
we're all in the spectrum
and we can all
make that beautiful tune
one note at a time
even add a little rhyme
if it so suits you :)

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