Alert Local Public Stations about "Birth of Freedom"

Free Speech and Stealth Evangelism
If you haven't seen this it is worth noting that a slick production called "Birth of Freedom" is being shown on some public television stations. This sectarian slaughter of both American and World History is appalling for its inaccuracies and not-so-veiled attempt to paint America once again as a Christianist nation. I would recommend familiarizing yourself with both media groups since they seem not only tech saavy but give a "clean (white) face" to their productions that include anti-evolution materials to sneak into schools and stuff from Focus on the Family.
Below is a sample letter I sent to several local public stations. I strongly support free speech so this isn't about censoring but presenting balanced views. "Birth of Freedom" certainly needs serious balancing.
I urge freethinkers to consider contacting local stations to alert them.
My wife and I are regular viewers of KQED and other public stations in the Bay Area.
We were disturbed last evening to watch a program on KCSM and have alerted their producer about "Birth of Freedom," produced by Acton Media ( and Coldwater Media (see which is supported by groups like Focus on the Family.
We just wanted to make it known if you do not already know that these companies use "stealth evangelism" to paint American (and world) history with a sectarian religious brush, attack evolution by trying to sneak Creationism into public schools and create bias homeschooling materials to indoctrinate young minds. I was a minister for many years and know what these folks are doing. I feel it is important that public media sources be wise to these insidious agendas so as not to be duped by their tactics.
Thank you for the service you provide.

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