When I posted on my other diary about the movie The Fourth Kind an atheist friend of mine was like, "Oh I'm never going to Nome, alienz will get me!"

I responded with an incredulous "how much pot do you smoke?" and a list of reasons I don't think it's a factual story any more than DIsney's Pocahantas was a factual story. He got pissed and started calling me a brainwashed idiot. All of a sudden I am dumb and "can't think" because I don't believe it was real. Then he said he was surprised that I wasn't a "jesus believer" because I so blindly refuse to see the evidence right there before my eyes.

Maybe it was the pot smoking comment. I wonder if I'd kept my mouth shut on that if he would've been more civil? I don't know. I shouldn't have said that. Everyone makes mistakes. He IS a pothead though, and on occasion I notice his thinking seems to get a little fuzzy when he's been at the pipe a lot.

I told him he's welcome to change my mind - just show me some evidence to confirm the story told in the movie. Yes, there are some interesting pieces of footage but not all of them say "actual footage" and images are easily manipulated in movies - why shouldn't I expect there to be confirming evidence? Newspaper articles about Dr. Abigail, her husband comitting suicide, her daughter's disappearance, being cleared of charges related to her missing daughter...etc.

It should be out there. All I've found so far are reports of missing people, mostly native males who got drunk and wandered off on their trips between villiages. Most of their bodies were found - less than 10 are unaccounted for. The FBI came in to investigate because it happens a lot. Alaska is huge, people get lost and not found. It's sad but it's not aliens.

He insists that it's being covered up by a government conspiracy. As another friend pointed out, it seems unlikely that a government that was too stupid to cover up the Gitmo memos would be capable of completely erasing those events and silencing a whole town.

I am not really taking hits to the self-esteem because I know I'm not an idiot. I wouldn't be in the program I am at school if I were unintelligent. I have had it confirmed repeatedly by outside sources and most importantly I've had it confirmed to myself that I'm rather bright. Still, it did hurt a little. I actually put effort into not being dumb. :(

Sometimes I have a "here's your sign" moment but doesn't everyone? That doesn't make me an idiot.

Oh well. This 'friend' was one of those people I always suspected was a bit cracked. I just found out recently he has a criminal record related to anger problems too. I wash my hands of that particular individual I think. I wanted to talk about this experience though.

One other thing was that he assumed that I don't believe aliens are out there. I told him that's not the case - I think it's likely there are at least simple life forms on other planets and if we looked for long enough we might find more evolved life somewhere, who knows? I don't rule it out, I just don't think that movie is real.


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Comment by Jim DePaulo on May 11, 2010 at 10:35am
Given that the known universe is on the order of 4 septillion (4 followed by 22 "0") suns and, very likely, a uniform consistency in terms of chemical composition. That life has evolved elsewhere would be almost a certainty.
Personal, I think life is ubiquitous throughout the universe.
Comment by Rusty Gunn. on May 10, 2010 at 2:49pm
What I don't like about this crap is the way it compromises legitimate attempts to discover intelligent life outside our solar system (SETI). A huge overwhelming per cent of the population cannot make a distinction between the two.

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