Well, well, well.

I have been gloating more than anything of late, ensconced as I am in this moribund zombie country of mine.

The evolution for the good began, of course, this summer when churchies were forced to face the fact that they are people. Dear, dear, raping kiddies for Jesus, eh? Yes, I know, he said something of the sort...


Imagine my content then, when the senile lunatic who is in charge of the subsidised pædophile rings (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/André-Joseph_Léonard) outraged everyone by dint of his casual musings on sexual aberrations, i.e. homosexuals, and how exactly these are a just punishment. And we all understood: as a notorious womaniser, he ought to know about these things.

Although, I cannot but opine, not particularly witty, some noble heart did make a nice statement:


This can but constitute a promising vaticination. For already I behold augurous hordes smiting the chams of obscurantist oppression with delicious repasts and sundry pastries!

The ultimate step, it goes without saying, can be nothing else than the utter annihilation of this vestigial and obnoxious class of tax parasites. If they can eat dead Jesuses, they can take anything. Smite them, says I, smite them.

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Comment by TNT666 on November 16, 2010 at 4:51pm
LOL, love it :)


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