I had another dog allergy reaction yesterday. 

I had stopped on my bicycle by the side of the road to give someone directions, and I was chatting with them a bit, while wearing my allergy mask. 

Someone turned in near me with a large dog in their car ... and even though I was wearing the mask, it made me sick.

So I do still have to worry about dogs in cars :(

But, even though I'm still extremely sensitive to dogs, my allergic reactions are less severe.

I'm still feeling grotty the following day.  It's a bit like having a hangover. 

But, I didn't get nearly as sick as I used to from allergic reactions.  In the past, I've had a hard time getting out of my house when I'm sick with allergies.  I would carbo-load to try to get the energy to go out. 

Somebody described that feeling as "like having wool in your head", which is very apt.  It was very unpleasant, it kind of made my forehead ache. 

This time, I'm feeling kind of thick-headed, but it's not all that bad.  Not like wool any more :)

I ended up with allergic reactions that last for days, because of long-term chronic exposure.  I was sick while living with my dog for years, without knowing why I was sick.  During that time, my allergic reactions got so bad they lasted for 5 days! 

One's nasal tissues change from chronic exposure to allergens, I've heard.   Before I came down sick for years with allergies, my allergic reactions had gone away the following day. 

Slowly, I'm going back to my earlier, more mild allergic reactions.  I'm avoiding allergens as well as I can, and also getting allergy shots.  It's literally taking years to recover, but now my allergic reaction last about 2 days. 

I've heard allergy shots make late-phase allergic reactions less intense - so the allergy shots are probably also helping.

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Comment by Luara on October 24, 2014 at 11:51am

Glad to hear things are improving for you Luara.

Thanks :)  I have been hugely burdened by allergies since about 2000, and my days sick during that time add up to many years.   

At last, I seem to be making allergy shots work for me, and actually making my allergies better.

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