I know I am not the only one who has thought of this, in fact I have pondered it before but with no real revelation.  This morning is a little different though.  Let me be clear, tho I am against teaching any religion period the hypocrit in me gives me thrills to think of it.  On the other hand, the psychological...science/social part of me can see real intelligence of the affect of my thought.  So here it is, in order to create more atheist thinkers teach that God is a woman. Please laugh with me here!  I am going to try to paint a picture for you to see the subconcious thought process of what could be happening phsycologically and socially.  Since God is a man....(I know what your thinking) women are always satisfied with religion since it puts the burden of man to provide all needs.  This is a big out for women and they can be sexually satisfied at the same time being married to God a man.  Men on the other hand of are left with trying to compete with God the other man who keeps stealing his woman.  He continually has to work harder to prove that he is worth anything while the woman is able to sit back an snicker.  Women, I am not attacking you here.  I love you females but I am only showing a scenario of pregidous behaviors, and believe me, I know men have quite a few of their own.  For all atheist who read this you are probably thinking, number one I don't want to think of this because I don't want to think of religion period, and two stop fucking with my brain I like it the way it is.  Here is an analogy of why I am trying to bring this up.  This may help to solidify the large and long pain of religious dogma.  It is a social delima that we all face in the presense of religious thought and teaching that we all encounter.  To understand something better such as language or scientific process better we study it closer forwards and backwards.  Trying to think of God as a female sort of puts a backwards twist on what was already taught.  We could also teach that God masterbates but something tells me that teaching God is a female will be more excepted by the general public.  Here is the downside I already mention, I don't want to teach religion period and I know none of you don't either so the idea of it spreading like wildfire is already doomed, and I am somewhat pleased about that.  So here is to sex and the future of atheism, cheers!

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Comment by Gwaithmir on July 12, 2012 at 6:26am

I'd have to agree with comedian George Carlin on this one. God couldn't possibly be a woman, because no woman would have created a world as screwed up as this one.



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