Well, Lake Hypatia turned out to be as good or better than I ever expected. An amazingly beautiful setting with some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. Not sure how many people came, since many from Birmingham came and went throughout the weekend but it looked like 100 or more. The highlight Friday was the softball game where my team got the other team to surrender after 2 1/2 innings! Of course they were ahead 16-9, but we scared them and wore them down so much they cried uncle.

The food was great. They have a little problem with staying on schedule, but it is a camp after all and fun is the number one priority. Pat (the owner of Lake Hypatia) has done a great job of making the lake and facilities easy to use and attractive. We enjoyed a midnight cruise on the lake in the newly renovated pontoon boat that John had spent weeks getting "sea worthy."

While the programs were fun and interesting, the real highlight was just talking and drinking a beer or margarita with dozens of other freethinkers. I have been to a lot of conventions and freethinker events, but Lake Hypatia is in a class all its own. Whether you camp in a tent, RV or stay in one of the local hotels, you will enjoy everything about it. Think church camp without the church and wine without the communion. I won't say there are no sermons, because Blair Scott did a credible imitation of a preacher in his presentation. Thank goodness, he took off the coat and tie after a few minutes and revealed his true identity. Its probably the first and last time anyone will see him in that get up.

With an old fashioned school bell signaling meals and other events, we all learned to salivate like Pavlovs dogs whenever the bell rang. Friday, four of us swam out to the middle of the lake where there is a platform. Just as we arrived at the platform, the bell rang which meant that everyone got in line for super long before we were able to get back to shore. We still got plenty of food.

Julie won the Balderdash contest (the first night), barely beating out Michael Buckner and I maintained my international title as water melon spitting champion by a few inches. A rank amateur, Charles, almost beat me, which would have been totally embarrassing for a lifelong professional watermelon spitting champion.

Well, enough for now. Needless to say we would recommend this to any Freethinkers.

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