I've been reading books about atheism and secularism and try to gain information, as well as inspiration to what I find. After reading a few of them, I began listing my dream in my organization, as well as what it has to share in our country:

I wish that the number of atheists increase.
I wish that the youth becomes interested in atheism.
I wish that there are ordinary men who share and inspire others with their atheism.
I wish that society widely accepts atheism.
I wish that atheism is taken seriously in the media.
I wish that all the outputs that atheists have made are widely seen in society.
I wish that it is widely accepted that we can subliminally reflect about the world even without God or the supernatural.
I wish that atheists doing volunteer social works increase dramatically.
I wish that atheism has its place in the academe.
I wish that there are politicians that are atheists.
I wish more artists and performers take refuge in atheism.
I wish assessments of atheists' ideas are excellent.

That this is not possible without a call for action by atheists working in common goals.

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Comment by Earther on June 30, 2011 at 9:42am
That is all true yet beyond atheism there are a world of other problems.  I heard by 2048 there may not be enough fish in the ocean to feed the world.  We have 7billion people on the planet.  How are we going to produce enough energy, food and water for everyone without becoming miserably hopeless?



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