An atheist's tribute to all mothers on Mother's Day

Isn't it great to be a female ? To be able to manufacture a life within themselves and deliver it to the outside world ? Motherhood is so fulfilling for women. They say : Since God cannot be in every place at the same time, He made mothers. As a secular humanist I might not believe in God(s), but I do consider motherhood as a divine, godlike & sacred quality.

But then there is a downside to this.

There are also some things which cause anxiety for all females : the 5 'M' bugbear, viz., PMS ( Pre-Menstrual-Syndrome) & cramps, Marriage ( menfolk need not marry till they grow bald but girls are married off in a hurry before they can understand life, specially in our rural places), MIL, Maternity & Menopause. Out of all these, Maternity seems to produce a lot more anxiety than other things. Not so much the tiresome post-natal care of the infant : feeding problems & diaper changing but the pain during the delivery.

Why should human females suffer so much pain whereas other animals do not suffer as much ? I do not think there is any reference to this in our Hindu scriptures, but there is a reference to this fact in the Bible.

Genesis 3:16: To the woman God said, " Since you disobeyed me and ate the apple, I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children."

According to Godless Evolutionary Science however, it is because of certain features of humans. Humans have certain unique features like a Big brain, Vocal chords, Opposable thumb & Bipedal gait. What causes the pain are two of these factors : Big brain & Bipedal gait.
A Double Whammy
Humans are at the top of the evolutionary pyramid because of their big brains. When their brains grew beyond one liter capacity, their neural network became capable of intelligence & logical thinking. To accommodate this growth in the brain, the protective skull had to grow bigger as well. At the same time human animals when they descended from the trees, acquired an erect walking gait (bipedal status) to be able to see further into the horizon, so as to discover animals to hunt & escape from predatory animals. This was made easier with a narrow pelvis. All other Quadruped animals have a wider pelvis and hence have to stand and walk/run on all four legs. But it is impossible to stand on two feet if you have a wider pelvis. Hence the narrow pelvis for humans.

The large heads that give us room to be intelligent, and the narrow pelvises that allow us to walk upright, are two highly beneficial adaptations taken separately, but put together, they mean that giving birth is vastly more difficult for human women than it is for any other mammal.

A blind process such as evolution cannot be blamed for becoming trapped in this cul-de-sac of adaptation, but a foresightful intelligent designer could surely have come up with a better solution. This is yet another proof for the non existence of a benevolent God. If I were to be God, I would have given human mothers a pouch, like that of the marsupials (Kangaroo), so that a fetus could come out easily without causing much pain and finish developing in safety, outside the mother's womb ?

Thus we see that each of these two "Evolutionary characteristics" were essential for the development of the human race but taken together it spells misery for the human female, since the big skull of the new born & their own narrow pelvis are not compatible & do not go together. Hence the inevitable pain.

I hereby salute all the mothers in this universe, for their stoicism & bravery, for their willingness to pay the price for manufacturing intelligent human beings.

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Comment by Michael Penn on May 15, 2013 at 9:56am

How right you are. My mother has been gone now over 6 years.



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