At the Abraham Lincoln Association's Bicentennial Birthday Banquet, I was at table 41. Across from me was seated the Illinois Secretary of State Jessie White, and next to him was Michael Burlingame, author and historian, who would be the backup speaker in case Barack Obama was unable to show up.
He made it!

During his speech he mentioned the fact that Abe Lincoln and Charles Darwin shared the birthday. Some members of the audience gasped! I chuckled. He quickly rationalized the mere mentioning of Darwin by explaining that science was key to our country's success in the world. I'm paraphrasing of course. I thought it worth mentioning. I'm convinced that even though the clergy swarm at his feet as fawning flatterers, trying to capture his glow and claim some of it for their own, and take every opportunity to spray their benedictions upon the nearest audience, Barack Obama has passed the first test of pragmatism.
He made it. He's here! and he didn't need to fool any fundamentalist Christians into supporting him.

David Kuo, special council to George W. Bush who eventually wrote the book "Tempting Faith" about seducing the evangelical Christian vote for the Republicans, wrote that the Evangelicals were treated with contempt and discarded once Bush made it into the White House. Barack Obama didn't need to fool anyone into supporting him. All he had to do was tell us to look back at the years 2000 through 2006 and ask the Republicans one simple question: "did this work?" Uh... No.

And thus endeth the Republicans.

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