I went to a wedding with some co-workers about a month ago. It was at this HUGE, gaudy christian church in Buckhead. This place was unreal.... 40ft ceilings, 30ft tall stained glass throughout the church, a flippin ginormous organ, and 2 ministers to oversee the event. If there was a God, this would be one of the churches he would frequent while in the Atlanta area.
We all filed into the overpowering church and took our seats. The wedding began with lots of prayer. An aunt did a religious reading. You know the same old "Adam needed a friend, so God plucked out a rib, and poof we here comes the vagina." Then some more praying, kiss the bride, and we filed back out of the church.
Here's the interesting part of the whole wedding. My co-workers all know that I am an outspoken atheist. As we were blowing bubbles at the new Mr. & Mrs. departing for the reception, they all came up to me and said, "Wow, what did you think of that church? What did you think of the ceremony and all the praying? We were thinking about you the whole time!"
So.... the VERY religious office staff didn't pay attention to all the glass, and prayers and religious figures at the wedding... they were wondering if 1) I was going to light on fire and 2) when I didn't, they saw for maybe the first time how I saw the church: Large, obnoxious, wealthy, and maybe just a little fake?
The point is, I tell lots of people what I believe. For many, I'm the only atheist they know. My questioning of their faith allows the little voice in their head that says, "There is no Santa, no tooth fairy... no god?" to maybe get a bit louder.
Keeping telling people and encouraging them to think critically....

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