Been chatting with an old friend of mine. He's a wiccian. Now, I divide wiccians into three groups. The first group actually believes in the ideas of wicca. The second group uses it as an excuse to party, and as one rocket scientiest said, "I might see my ol'lady get it on with another women..." Third, they use it to explain their not fitting in with the main stream. And I mean "ANY" main stream.
He's still in the Reserves. He found out that the Army is looking for a Wiccian "priest" or become a chaplin in the Army. Now, I was thinking, just what does it take to be a "priest" in the wiccian religion. Is there a correspondence course I could take? Is there an online course? Or do you need so many proof of purchases?
I'm sure there are books you can read on the subject.
Now let me be clear on this. Most of the wiccans I've met are pretty cool people. Okay, you got the odd balls but you do in any group. In fact, down at Ft. Hood a few years ago, the wiccans had a ritual place on post. Some one went out there and trashed it. The III Corps commander didn't put up with that and posted an MP there 24/7.
Well it got some press. One congressmen came down to Hood to lead a protest about the wiccans. As it turned out there were nore anti-prostesters then protestors. It was Congressmen Barr I believe. He was a Republican at the time. He's now, san glasses, 20 pounds and a Libertarian now.
Anyway I just thought it'd be a hoot to become a antheist wiccan chaplain in the Army.
Okay so you gotta work on Sunday but hey, I hear the bennies are great.
So what are your thoughts on the matter?

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