Because I choose not to obey,
To words spoken in metaphors,
Left too open to interpretation,
I am warned of condemnation.
I never sought to make sense,
Of these symbols left to chance,
I will be my own creation,
The results of my own conclusion.

I am deemed self-important,
Egotistical and arrogant,
I am told I believe in lies,
As they plead to me with their cries,
And their age-old rethoric,
That leave my insides twisted and sick,
On how they simply came to offer,
These truths they hold to make life better.

There is strength in their numbers,
Their many prophets of terror,
Who seek to control the mind,
Of any weakened soul they can find,
To slowly mold the inner being,
Into this great ideal they have foreseen,
They dismiss other paths at first glance,
As they speak of their holy tolerance.

My decadence fabricated,
My evil deeds isolated,
My path of evil promoted,
My soul corrupted,
They speak words in disguise,
Hoping quietly for my demise,
As they burn me with angry eyes,
Here an untrustworthy god lies!

I have seen their god so sacred,
These stunning images they provided,
On prime time for mass consumption,
Through our modern tool of corruption,
I hear their speech on equality,
And their stance on one world, one family,
Yet to move towards the proper destiny,
On truth, they claim to hold a monopoly.

They shout aloud about respect,
In the next breath say what they reject,
What is left of their sincerity,
When they would assassinate individuality?
Yet they maintain this contradiction,
They justify in the name of the nation,
How the needs of the many are almighty,
Which only leaves me with this inquiry:

Did you not create the notion of conformity?
Sought to rid people of their freedoms,
In the name of what you would have as morality,
As sponsored by your organised religions?
To impose what you perceive as decency,
With words you wrote in the name of your creation,
I will never be so weakened to believe blindy,
Your sacred scriptures are indeed from the heaven!

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Comment by Major G on July 1, 2012 at 7:31am

Thanks Greg 



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