What follows is a question I asked honestly, in the discussion section of a story on ABCNews.com.  That is an EXCELLENT place to battle a theist.  But "honestly", I would follow "the truth" whatever it would be -if it was the truth.  Still it seems, I will remain safely on this site for a very long time :).  

Me: Really, everyone, I'm ready to believe the truth and join your group. Please, someone answer my question with something plausible? I am not joking, can we get a priest to weigh in here? Now is your chance to save someone.

  1. The creator of the complex universe is an even more complex being -where did he come from?

  2. Why does the bible say the world is only 6,000 years old -but there's evidence showing modern humans 100,000+ years old, and the world 3+ billion years old?

  3. Why does it seem most every child grows to have the exact same religion as their parents, when it seems only one branch can be true? 

These are serious questions, just a sticking point really


Their Answer: Okay, I'll bite. 

  1. The creator of the world is eternal. Therefore he has always been and always will be; he didn't come from anywhere.
  2. If the creator is eternal, he exists *outside* of time. This is a difficult concept, I know. It's possible that the creator made the world also outside of time, but when Adam and Eve sinned they and all that God made became mortal and thus subject to time it's effects. In essence, they were put inside time. Perhaps when God put everything inside time He spread them out over time, lots of time.
  3. I think few people take religion very seriously. I think people often use religion as a way to identify themselves with a group--a familiar group. Few people truly seek God.


Me: awe! thank you :). i will chew and chew on this for quite awhile, and i appreciate your thoughtful response.


My ruling on this... Hahaha MY GOODNESS!  How freaking MADE UP do these answers sound?  They're TRYING their hardest to apologize, to shoe-horn God into a working model.  A true answer would look uhhhh more true?


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