Hey party people (and non-party people, too). I've got a bunch of new posts up at Angie the Anti-Theist for you to check out, comment on, and ya know, pimp around the internet :)

I regularly post new updates on my Twitter (@antitheistangie) and on my Facebook (Angie Jackson). So feel free to stalk me on the internet (within reason ya'll - I know where the restraining order office is.)

Without further ado:

New 100 Questions for Christians
The goal is to come up with 100 unique, funny or serious, questions for Christians. We have 66 so far - help suggest the rest! (Please?!)

Create a Crisis - Get Close to God!
I take a look at some of my grandmother's writing, specifically her explanation of why it's good to create crisis situations in your life (because that will force a miracle from God.)

Musical Theater and Glee
Masturbatory rantings on how much I love musical theater, what a big dork I am, and how I want the new Fox show Glee! to succeed (and inspire a come-back of big musical theater numbers.)

The Story is a Lie
I point out the absurdity of the Fall, presented in a new Flashy evangelism web app.

I loathe lukewarm fence-sitters
A woman doesn't want to remove an endorsement of my multiple-homicide-causing cult leader grandmother from her website. Because she doesn't want to be rude.

I Love Atheism
How atheism gives me a sense of purpose of joy.

Muslim Women
How making friends with moderate Muslims eventually led me to atheism.

Let's Rip on the Catholic Church
Why I'm not over the whole pedophile thing, and my condemnation of Catholic parishioners.

Rx for Worry
I take on the apologetic book by the same name, that managed to persuade me once in the past.

Don't Trust the Experts - Trust Us!
How fringe sects and conspiracy theory groups promote distrust of the experts, and the difference between healthy skepticism and delusional paranoia. Guest starring: The Healthcare debate.

Wow, I'm mean.
I go off on a racist misogynist bigot on a right wing atheist blog.

I Guess We Should Talk
My extended family realizes I've outed myself as an atheist on Facebook.

Would This Make Me Militant?
Little Man's public school fundraiser is having kids sell "Bible Verses for Kids" books and nativity scene wrapping paper: My response.

Bad Dreams and HIZM
Sometimes I worry about going crazy and starting a cult of my own.

Infant Baptism
My differing views throughout my years as a Christian.

Intervention and Parents Rights
When should the government step in?

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Really, you should just subscribe to the blog. I update it pretty much daily (sometimes not so much on the weekends, when Little Man is home from school). So, uh, yeah. Go read my blog and please leave comments over THERE. (You can leave them here, too.)


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Comment by Angie Jackson on September 22, 2009 at 8:28pm
Haha, I'm glad. I was really excited when that one got submitted, because it gave me an excuse to use that Jim Gaffigan "Hot Pockets" clip. I've injured myself laughing at that sketch before.

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