So I quote the Treaty of Tripoli in a discussion about how America is NOT a "Christian Nation" and what do I get in return?

Basically that I'm somehow "taking it out of context" and that it really meant that America was not like Britain (a "truly Christian nation" in that there was no separation), yet... I'm still wrong and America was founded on "Christian ideals" by "Christian men and women" (though which women I'm not sure), and that we are a "Christian nation".

There's just no arguing with logic like that, huh?

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Comment by MaleficVTwin on February 4, 2009 at 8:59pm
Turn it around on them. When they quote the Bible to you, tell them that all the "happy" verses are taken out of context. Pisses them right off. :)

Besides, if this is truly a Christian Nation, the 1st Amendment is null and void.



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