i just had another random thought! whenever i make a new friend, meet their other friends, and then meet their parents, they all ask me what my religion is, As if religion is the most important thing in the world.(pfft) i am always polite and truthful, "Well sir/ma'am, I am atheist, but i dont judge against anyone's beliefs." this always makes them seem happy. but me and my telepathic mind(lol) know that they're hating my guts and want me clear away from their child. and they call us arrogant!!(HAHAHA).some have tried to convert me to become their lifeless, god believing zombie-child. it doesn't work.then that friend would slowly start to ignore me. then completely disappear from my life. :( religious parents are so mean nowadays. and even though the friends i have made were only friends with me for a month or two, i still miss'em. life is sometimes cruel, but i tell myself this, sometime in the future, their will be a coincidental meeting of one of those friends. they call it fate or destiny or something totally bogus. but all that matters is that i might meet them again.

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Comment by Martin B. Penkala on March 1, 2010 at 10:58am
The knee-jerk formula reply, "...well if he/they DID such a terrible thing, then they aren't Christian(fill in the blank) is simply insipid. Yeah, I've heard that retort many times. But if they were to push the logic to it's ultimate conclusion, we can say, " hey - from what I can discern from the Beatitiudes delivered in the Sermon on the Mount, Christ would say just about EVERYONE is not a christian if they evince even the SLIGHTEST bit of schadenfeude; even the smallest passing glee or pleasure one can feel triggered by someone ELSE'S misery, misfortune or suffering would be severly frowned upon by Christ, wouldn't it?" If some Christian finds it "funny" that someone else is very fat or very skinny or homely or suffering from ANY sort of pain they cannot directly control, THEY are not being very Christian. If they were to actually reason out the moral implications of the Beatitudes, then they would see that Christ would not want anyone at any time to ever gather satisfaction from someone else's misery. But I bet that every last Christian who howls about how atheists are scum secretly wishes ill to many people many times during the course of an average week.
Comment by Objection on March 1, 2010 at 12:35am
When I told my friend that I was an atheist, he said "Haha, very funny. I'll take that as a joke." I told him I wasn't joking. It's okay, though, he seems to be very liberal and open-minded.
Comment by Gary Epstein on February 28, 2010 at 6:08pm
There is prejudice and great misunderstanding about atheism. The media would wish an atheist to be inside a prison, a child molester, a corrupt and without morals person. Why?Because that creates the immediate contrast, that black verses white dichotomy small minds feed on.

I usually say, how may Christians or Muslims do you know who are in Prison, corrupt and without morals.

Then they say the stupidest thing, " If they did that they're not a Christian. If he killed someone as a terrorist, he's not a Muslim.

I just can't tolerate how they can find a dumb answer to every situation, that seems to satify them.



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