A new video where Mundane matt:

  • states that 3rd wave feminists and white knight males perpetuate rape culture, as they say women are weak;
  • But he claims that women are stronger than men (emotionally but not physically);
  • he claims that 3rd wave feminists and white knight males perpetrate a myth 'cause it gives them an audience; and
  • he also claims that "feminists create rapists" (through a self-fulfilling prophey argument).


But, Matt, there was rape before there was feminism...


As a sociologist, I have to say that Matt does not fully understand how self-fulfilling prophecy and the Thomas theorem works.

The false idea has to be false (eg: in the "toilet paper panic" of 1973, the false idea that toilet paper was in short supply led to the supply of toilet paper to becoming short).

Rape is not a false idea. To teach women that they are weak may be ill-advised, but it does not create rapists. Unless he has some evidence of that?

I hear this sort of misuse of the sociological concepts of the self-fulfilling prophecy and the Thomas theorem all the time, and it drives me nuts ('cause it is just a form of personal attack dressed up a supporting the victim).

Eg: "You cannot say that the poverty is real, 'cause that will make the poor think that they will always be poor!"

But they are fucking poor - we can't ignore the facts of the situation because they are inconvenient or we don't like them.

It is basically a way of telling someone to shut up, and guilt-tripping them into shutting up.

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