It has been good to see the mostly positive reaction to the ill-conceived comments of Oklahoma State SEN Josh Brecheen. If this man is looking to make a name for himself, he
certainly is. He put an editorial in the local paper from his senate
district, The Durant Daily Democrat. In addition to the uproar over
several things wrong with attempting to try to have creation taught
in public schools, the comments in the newspapers website have been
lambasting him for his outrageous views in other subjects as well.

Being a native son of Oklahoma, it pains me when I see this sort of pubic display of foolishness. But even more so when it is done by our government officials.

Here are a couple a links to learn more about this issue and this man.

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Comment by Thomas True on December 28, 2010 at 9:34pm

OSU is a good University. It is sad, as you say, that he is using his faith to diminish such a good institution. If you read his letter, he said that his English teacher was impressed with his skills in presenting his points on creation. However that carries no weight when dealing with evolution. I am sure if he was writeing papres for a science class and using the same ponts that he would fail the class.


Being good in English doesn't mean you know what you are talking about. It just means you know grammar.



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