I wrote this blog on Myspace, intended for christians to read. I have posted it here to help other newly converted atheists in their quest for helping other theists to realize that God, in the biblical term, cannot exist.

Below are a series of questions. These are questions that I had asked toward the end of my christianity, and was never given a good answer for any of them. I challenge other believers in a god to ask these questions as well. If these questions could be answered satisfactory, then I would admit that I may have been wrong about God. We need to ask questions in order to know the truth. I do not believe in any god or any holy scripture. What I'm doing is taking a brief trip back in time when I began my first doubt.

Does God exist? Probably not, but if you really believe that He does, then you must not have given these questions any serious thought. Maybe you think if you keep these questions hid away deep inside you and never voiced them, then God will forgive your doubt when you get to the pearly gates. The thing is, the Bible states that God can hear your inner thoughts, so if you think them, you might as well ask them, and demand an answer that isn't based on twisted logic and scripture. Give me a satisfactory answer or try to attempt it.

"If God is so great and loving, then why is there a Hell?"

"If everything must have a beginning, then where did God come from?"

"If God knows everything, then why does He allow people that will never believe God exists to be born?"

"Why did God have to kill Himself to get rid of the sin that He gave us?"

"How come it took centuries for most of the world to know that God killed Himself to save them from the sin that He gave them?"

"If we are created in God's image, then why do our ancestors from 100,000 years ago look so different that we do today?"

"Why did God create Lucifer to be evil?"

"Why does God allow children (which are innocent) to be mistreated, starve, and killed?"

"Why didn't Jesus do more while he was on Earth than what he did?"

"If God knows all, and wants us to believe in Him, why are there 3 different Abraham religions, which confuses people?"

"Why has God eliminated 99% of all life on Earth throughout its history?"

"Why did God, for so long, need blood sacrifices to cover up the sins He gave us?"

"If there are other planets with intelligent life, did God give them sins as well? If so, are they going to the same Hell that humans will be going to?"

"Why does God want some people to die in horrible ways?"

"If God is responsible for the death of humans, then does that make Him a serial killer?"

Do not be satisfied with half-assed answers! Discover the truth and take back control of your life!

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Comment by Jasyn Taylor on December 22, 2009 at 11:01pm
Yeah, this was my main goal. I live in Indiana where christianity is the norm. I'm fairly knowledgeable of christianity, but not so much the other Abraham religions, so I mainly stick to what I excel in.

I do believe these questions are a good way to start when conversing with a christian. Thanks for your comment, Johnny.
Comment by Johnny on December 22, 2009 at 10:56pm
*ahem* I believe that you have only disproved the christian god. "god" is an extremely unprovable idea because it can be made into whatever they want.

i am well rehearsed in slappin down Yaweh though. good questions.



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