*But not patiently.

So here we sit after yet another visit with the midwife, with no baby yet born and our hopes of breaking waters tomorrow as an induction shattered. She's not dilated enough to even attempt to break waters, and we're running low on time. Financially speaking my wife is the sole bread-winner of our household right now (as I JUST finished school and finding a job in this area, in this economy, is not going well to say the least!) and as such she only has a finite amount of time before she must, of necessity, return to work.
She's already been on leave for one week (after working 3 days PAST her due date), and every day that passes is one less day she gets to spend with the baby on the outside before having to return to work.

So, we've contacted a local OB with whom we have an appt. on Monday for an initial visit/consult to possibly go in and induce in a hospital rather than birth at home. It's not ideal for us, but we're running low on options and it's the lesser of the unideal choices we face at this point.

Prayers don't work. "Positive energy" is BS. But I sure wouldn't mind some sympathy and some other folks (even internet strangers) hoping with us that things move along naturally some time in the next few days so we can finally meet our newest little girl.

Thanks for putting up with my little vent. That's all for now.

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Comment by amer muhammad on February 26, 2010 at 11:22am
Hope you people get out of situation well and fine. Thisbe's formula is very simple one and it got experience, if not science behind it. So give it a try.
Wish could be of any help. Good Luck.
Comment by Jas Brimstone on February 26, 2010 at 11:15am
:-D Yeah, Eric, we're aware of those facts. I've been trying to convince her of that, but apparently being 41 weeks pregnant is not condusive to feeling in the least bit amorous.
But... I'm not above desperation copulation. LOL.
Comment by Loren Miller on February 26, 2010 at 11:12am
I can testify to Eric's statement. My ex and I made love the morning of my daughter's arrival. I was just getting back from getting some lunch when I heard that my ex was off to the hospital and I would be well advised to follow!!!

Nota bene!!!
Comment by Eric on February 26, 2010 at 10:55am
You're probably already aware of it, but if not- semen contains prostaglandins, which are one of the hormones involved in cervical ripening. Plus orgasm stimulates oxytocin release, which is involved in inducing uterine contractions. So my recommendation is for liberal application of prostaglandins... Perhaps it will help move things along, and if nothing else, it keep you mind off of the impatience of waiting.

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