Any Suggestions For Some Nasty Epigrams?

This is a follow-up to my previous post on church marquee epigrams. Richard Dawkins recently initiated an anti-religious banner on a London bus, but the material was pabulum. Something like, “There might not be a God so enjoy life.”

Utterly milquetoast. Read some of the epigrams on the list that the churches post. They’re downright condescending and arrogant.

Let’s fight back with some obnoxious stuff of our own. Turn a few heads. Make ‘em think a little bit.

Here’s a few. I welcome suggestions and maybe we’ll email them to Dawkins to put a little spice in the punch. He claims to be a militant atheist.

Ever think of how much time you wasted on your knees mouthing futile prayers.

God is a Peeping Tom.

Do you really believe Eve was created from Adam’s rib? C’mon.

How come there’s no priests listed on the National Sex Offender List?

When He resurrected, how come Christ only appeared to his friends?

Get the idea? I can see the buses rolling down Main Street. Any suggestions would be welcome and appreciated.

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