anyone want to help me sue Adnan Oktar?

Here's a random idea. I've written before about Turkish evolution denialist Adnan Oktar who believes that evolution is actually a Freemason/Zionist conspiracy to "reduce his countrymen to an animalistic state." As you might see in the article, he's offering a $4.5 trillion for proof of a transitional fossil but there are three basic problems with his contest:

1. It's a jury of him and he's an art student who's not qualified to judge such things.

2. He's already made up his mind that it's impossible to prove him wrong.

3. He doesn't have that kind of money. If he did he would warrant his own issue of Forbes and compared to him, Warren Buffet would be middle class.

So why would I want to do something as silly as pick a lawsuit with Oktar? Well, in this economy, we all want to make sure that we're in a good financial state. Like all people, I have to make ends meet, lost investments to recoup and rent to pay. Maybe a couple of Fortune 100 companies to buy as well. Oh and of course, I would definitely be more than willing to donate a few trillion to such minor things as fixing the mortgage mess for millions of people, improving schools and helping to pay down the national deficit. I think I have a very good shot at proving there are such things as transitional fossils but Mr. Oktar is running a crooked contest which may be illegal on the grounds outlined above.

When someone makes a public statement like that, they are in fact entering a contract that if we show them proof, they have to cough up the money. Ridiculous public stunt or not, it's a contract and I'd like to hold him to his words and bring attention to some of the abuse science and skeptics are taken from him and people like him. Hopefully by generating some buzz about evolution denial, it could be made clear to the media that today, it's considered normal to accept magic as being more plausible than natural forces just taking their course over billions of years and that is in itself alarming.

So what do you say? Anybody feel like a class action lawsuit? =P

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