Why do people say that? Maybe, for some, it’s just a throw-away phrase, something that seems agreeable and supportive to say to fill in an otherwise blank conversational space. I wonder if there are people who actually give it serious thought and actually believe that anything really is possible? Maybe. Some people are just unconnected to reality. How many people have been injured or killed jumping off high places because they genuinely thought they could fly...maybe, if only they believed it hard enough? Besides the ones under the influence of drugs, I mean.<P>

Imagine: You’re standing on the ground beside a twenty-story building. Is it possible for you to jump hard enough to land on the rood of that building? The question is not whether it’s possible to get to the roof. Not whether it’s possible to devise or use some sort of device like giant springs, or maybe a jet pack, to get you there. The question is whether it is possible for you to stand on the ground and jump hard enough, using only the power of your body, to get to the roof. What about people who would say that’s very unlikely...leaving some shred of doubt, however small it may be, that you could make that jump?<P>

There are many things that are flatly impossible. Not things whose possibility is remote...things that are impossible. There are people who will argue that there is nothing that is really impossible. Why? There are people who genuinely, and with all seriousness, do not believe that the earth is round, rather than flat. Why? Does the sincerity of their belief give the belief any more credibility...any more chance that they might be right? How would YOU refer to such a person? Just mistaken? Deluded? I don’t know what label, if any, the mental health professionals might attach to such a person. I do know, no matter whether they have any sort of official label or not, if they believe things like that they are not perceiving or interpreting reality as it is. Don’t you?<P>

It’s much harder to say that “impossible" would apply to human behaviors that would not violate the laws of physics. Is it impossible that I could marry Valerie Bertinelli and we could live on the moon? No. There is no violation of the laws of physics in that. The likelihood or probability of that happening is vanishingly remote...but not impossible. If there were sufficient motivation for enough people for this to happen, it could be made to happen. Motivation is not relevant to the jumping to the roof.<P>


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Comment by Loren Miller on May 15, 2012 at 4:18pm

Opinions are very little different from beliefs, and as it comes to opinions:

You have a right to your own opinions, but you do not have a right to your own facts.
-- Daniel Patrick Moynahan

Comment by Goz on May 15, 2012 at 4:11pm
Yeah,I hate hearing anything is possible,when it's not..The same goes for you can be anything...No you can't..The chance of me being a famous mountain climber or writer are zero...Same for any of us being the next president.
Comment by Vasanth Ra on May 14, 2012 at 12:53pm

   As far as human beings are concerned,our Universe is splendid with mysteries.Daring to imagine the impossible is what qualifies human beings to explore the Universe with excitement.Anything which seems flatly impossible can always be qualified to become remotely possible.

   "Imagination is greater than knowledge"--Albert Einstein

That doesn't mean that you can jump to the roof just because you believe you can.But once that idea plays into your imagination you can create certain conditions like zero-gravity to do that.

    Can I marry Marilyn Monroe after ten years?Well,that's flatly impossible but again scientists can clone her in the future if they have her cells.But what if they don't have her cells?In that case,as for now this may be categorized under flatly impossible,but you can never be cent percent certain that it's always going to stay there.For about a couple of centuries ago,who would have imagined of such a thing as cloning?

   Now-a-days I'm exposed to this concept of 'Law Of Attraction',frequently.It claims that you can heal cancer with certain procedures of thoughts and emotions.This may sound impossible, but again who are we to decide that just because we have not experienced it?

   All these may sound like a fairy tale,irrational or weird.But that's how our Universe is,weird.The more we explore it,the more we marvel at it's complexities and weirdness.

   I'm not saying that there is no 'flatly impossible',there are many obvious conditions which can be categorised under this.But considering the uncertainty of our Universe,I don't want to think that it's always going to stay there.And this qualifies me as an agnostic atheist.I'm an agnostic in nature and an atheist at heart.



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